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In this globalised world, legal and tax matters have repercussions that are becoming more and more international, and it is quite normal to see legal consequences crossing frontiers.

Here at AF Tax & Legal we have been advising companies and private individuals about subjects of an international nature which affect Spain in particular.

We are part of the international networks ADVOC and IUSTIME, which bring together a total of 209 professional offices operating in more than 90 countries, to help you wherever you need us.

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Hacer negocios en España

  • Establishment of foreign companies: advice on legal, tax and employment matters
  • Secretariats in the Boards of Directors of subsidiaries in Spain
  • Legal advice on the introduction of products or services into Spain
  • Mergers & Acquisitions, purchases and sales of businesses and/or production units
  • Due diligence and legal reports
  • Drawing-up and negotiation of contracts with an international component (e.g. distribution or agency contracts)
  • Partnership agreements and parent/subsidiary agreements
  • Sales contracts, contracts for provision of services, general terms and conditions of sale
  • Commercial collaboration agreements (agency and distribution agreements) and joint venture agreements

Tax Advice

  • Resolution of conflicts with the Spanish tax authorities
  • Fiscal optimisation of international structures
  • Measures to avoid international double taxation
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Fiscal management: tax declarations and requirements
  • Inspections, appeals and legal proceedings in fiscal matters

Property transactions in Spain

  • Legal and fiscal advice on the purchase, sale or renting/letting of properties in Spain
  • Drawing-up and negotiation of contracts for deposits, sale/purchase or renting/letting
  • Advice and assistance at the signing in the notary’s office
  • Tax assessments

International inheritances

  • Legal and fiscal advice on international inheritances
  • Negotiation and drawing-up of contracts
  • Advice and assistance at the signing of a deed of acceptance of an inheritance
  • Tax assessment

Legal proceedings

  • Resolution of conflicts: litigation, mediation and arbitration in Spain
  • Execution in Spain of judicial and extrajudicial instruments issued abroad
  • Debt collection and compulsory executions in Spain. Reports on the solvency of debtors

Employment Advice

  • Employment management: salaries, social security, recruitment, registrations, lay-offs, requests for pensions, etc.
  • Regulations governing employment and/or dismissal
  • Inspections, appeals and legal proceedings in the context of employment.

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